Tom Waddington

Curriculum Vitae


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Personal Statement

I am a software engineer and development manager, specialising in web and mobile development.


I have a decade of experience managing small, fast-moving teams of up to six development staff, and managing projects across remote locations and teams.

I began my career as a developer and have been hands-on in every role. I have experience designing and maintaining databases with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql and Amazon DynamoDB. My favourite programming language is Clojure, but I am a capable programmer in several others, including Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, Swift and PHP.

I am a keen exponent of build and testing automation, with experience of continuous integration, and tools such as Gulp and SASS.

I have set up and administered physical and virtual servers and I have managed installations distributed between multiple data centres.

I have experience identifying and reporting on key performance indicators, with SQL queries and tools like Google Analytics.


  • Web Development Manager, Information Technology / City, University of London

    2013 – Present

    I manage a team of four developers and two user experience professionals, responsible for City, University of London’s corporate websites, the staff intranet, and several business critical web apps.

  • Digital Development Manager, Design Studio / Games Workshop

    2010 – 2013

    I recruited and managed a new team of five developers to design and build web apps and native iOS apps, backed by web services.

    We successfully launched three apps for iPhone and iPad – Black Library, Warhammer 40,000: Psychic Powers and White Dwarf – and delivered functional prototypes for two further potential products.

  • Lead Developer, Global Web / Games Workshop

    2005 – 2010

    I was responsible for the development of all Games Workshop’s websites, and management of the development team. I was responsible for the hosting and administration of servers supporting ~£15 million of sales annually.

    We migrated a wide collection of sites built on Microsoft technologies to a single multilingual, multi-currency site on the ATG Commerce platform, integrated with multiple warehouse and finance systems via web services. We delivered this project on time and under budget.

    I worked with teams based in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia, and with agencies in the USA.

    I led the development of three global online gaming campaigns, working with GW’s US Studio and translation teams in mainland Europe and Japan.

  • Web Store Developer, UK Direct Sales / Games Workshop

    2002 – 2005

    I was responsible for developing Games Workshop’s bespoke online stores for the UK, mainland Europe and Australia.

    I led development of a major relaunch project, upgrading the sites to current web standards and launching new territory-specific versions in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

    I designed and built a replacement administration application, making it easier for local sales teams to update and manage their stores.

    I introduced analytics throughout Games Workshop’s web sites, providing greater insight into sales performance than previous crude “orders placed” measures.

    I provided technical assistance to the company’s web teams around the world, including support during global gaming campaigns, database reporting, and advising on best practices.

  • Trainee IT Developer, Atlas Project / Zurich Financial Services

    2000 – 2001

    Atlas was an initiative to speed up the processing of actuarial data from Zurich Financial Services’ many subsidiaries.

    I built the import process for the project, transforming data from multiple mainframe sources into a single normalised format ready for processing.

    I built an online documentation system, generated automatically from UML diagrams and code.

    I then led the development of one of the major data processing components.


  • BSc (Hons) Computing (2:1) / Sheffield Hallam University

    1998 – 2002

    Dissertation: “Security Implications of Using Intelligent Mobile Agents for Network Management”.

    Fourth Year: Intelligent Systems; Distributed Computing Environment; Project and Professional Studies; Management of IT Projects; Integrated Network Services.

    Third Year: Industrial Placement with Zurich Financial Services.

    Second Year: Databases; Networking Technologies; Software Development – Concepts and Methods; Unix and X Window; Unix Networking and Administration; Web Based Systems.

    First Year: Business and Professional Environment; Business and Professional Skills; Maths for Computing; Principles of Computer Architecture; Programming 1; Programming 2; Software Architecture and Networks; Systems Analysis and Design.

  • Silverdale School

    1992 – 1998

    A Level: Mathematics; Physics; Technology; General Studies.

    GCSE: Biology; Chemistry; English Language; English Literature; French; German; Mathematics; Physics; Technology.